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8” Block

6” Block

4” Block
Conduit Block
8”/6” Lintel Block

8”/6” Striface

8” Split Face

8” Fluted Face

8” Scored
Retaining Wall Block  
Paver block

80 mm - Unistone Paver

60 mm - Rectangle/Unistone
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   Welcome to Besser      

Besser Concrete Systems Ltd., (BCSL), manufacturers of Engineered Concrete Masonry Blocks and Pavers. BCSL is promoted by Besser Company, USA a 100 years old company with installation in over 70 countries world wide.

Two fully automated state-of-the-art block plants were set up at kelambakkam near Chennai and Harohalli near Bangalore. The entire range of concrete masonry products are manufactured at these plants. Each plant has a capacity of 13200 Engineered Concrete Blocks or 30,000 Paver Blocks per 8 hours shift which is the largest in the country. Our corporate clientele include more info.....

 Advantages of Besser Blocks

  1. Nominal Dimensions: 400 x 200 x 200 / 150 / 100 mm conforming to the principles of Modular co-ordination as per IS
  2. Faster Construction due to light weight
  3. Combined with reinforcing steel and grout Besser Blocks can form a structure that can withstand powerful earthquakes, such as the ones in California, New Zealand and Japan.    read more...